Infoteria Announces ‘TwitCal’ iPhone App Combining Twitter and Google Calendar

Users now can tweet events, share/follow calendars and sync up with Google Calendar in a single interface

Infoteria Corporation today announced the launch of "TwitCal," a new iPhone calendar app that can be used to tweet and follow events through Twitter. TwitCal also allows users to easily integrate their Google Calendar, combining their social and private events into one easy-to-manage calendar. TwitCal’s mash-up single interface calendar allows users to view their own events, events booked by other TwitCal users, events imported via Twitter, Google Calendar and events updated by a followed calendar. TwitCal is available today through Apple’s App Store and currently supports seven languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

TwitCal Key Features

Tweet Event
Ideal for event planners, social media gurus and professionals on the go, TwitCal lets users tweet social events, tweet-ups, conferences, birthday parties, concerts or any event they’d like to share. Once a user tweets event info through the TwitCal app, TwitCal then automatically sends updates to the user’s Twitter stream. Geared with an easy-to-use interface, TwitCal makes tweeting events simple with its one-touch tweet button. Importing tweeted events by others can also be imported into a user’s personal TwitCal calendar.
Smart Sync with Google Calendar
TwitCal easily synchronizes with Google Calendar, allowing users to combine multiple calendars into one manageable interface. Once Google Calendar has been imported, TwitCal identifies Google Calendar events by assigning a color and presents the latest event information in a single interface.
Follow Calendars
TwitCal also allows users to follow other TwitCal users’ calendars, upon user approval. Designed with simplicity and intelligence, TwitCal delivers the most effective event management calendar app for iPhone to date. TwitCal’s mash-up single interface calendar lets users view their own events, events booked by other TwitCal users, events imported via Twitter, Google Calendar and events updated by a followed calendar.
Share with Friend
TwitCal instantly shares calendar events with friends who can then use Twitter to import event details into TwitCal on an iPhone or their PC/laptop. Public and shared events can be booked in the TwitCal application directly or via e-mail – easily allowing users to confirm attendance. TwitCal is the ideal and easy-to-use calendar app for mobile professionals, students and families that need to manage multiple calendars.
Multiple View
TwitCal offers a unique single interface that allows multiple views, such as day, list, week, two weeks, month and hybrid view including a customized month and day views.

TwitCal will continue to enhance the smartphone user’s experience as more and more features are launched. An Android version of TwitCal is scheduled to launch in the United States this fall. Additional third-party services such Evernote will continue to be integrated into TwitCal later in the year. Users will be able to easily integrate their event information on Evernote into their TwitCal app, making life more manageable.


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