Laplink Gold Improves Classic Software For Windows 7 And 64-bit Users

Latest version of Laplink Gold also provides improved remote connectivity, better file transfer and synchronization as well as 64-bit operating system and Windows 7 compatibility.

Laplink Software has released its updated version of Laplink Gold, improving the classic software for Windows 7 and 64-bit users, including the ability to remotely control and interact with PCs through firewalls and proxy settings automatically.

Now compatible with any 64-bit Windows operating system, Laplink Gold for Windows 7 features an updated version of the Remote Control option for improved connections with versions of Windows that do not support remote connectivity. The updated version also features a new Laplink Remote Desktop, which allows screen sharing between PCs for improved interactive remote sessions.

"This release has been much anticipated by Laplink and our customers," said Laplink CEO Thomas Koll. "We’re excited to bring the benefits of our Laplink Gold product to Windows 7 users."

A new feature, Laplink Remote Desktop, allows for connection to PCs running Laplink Gold and Windows (XP and later) with screen sharing. Of course users will still have the choice of a previously existing remote control option.

The updated software also uses Laplink patented SpeedSync® and SmartXChange technologies to synchronize files and folders quickly and easily. After the initial synchronization, SpeedSync will transfer only the changed portion of a file for each future sync, making the transfer as fast as possible. SmartXChange provides fast and easy bi-directional sync between folders where only the newest file is transferred, so that each PC has the most current version of the file.

Laplink has been the industry standard for remote PC connectivity since it introduced the first bi-directional parallel cable communications in 1989.

With Laplink Gold, users are able to automatically back up or synchronize files and folders, quickly transfer files of any size from one PC to another, remotely control, support and maintain their PCs from anywhere, even remotely restart. Laplink Gold works no matter where you are or where your PCs are.

"Today, it is imperative for PC users to have safe and secure access to all of their PCs or servers from anywhere," continued Koll. "Now, more than ever, our customers will have complete access and control when they need it most."

Laplink Gold for Windows 7 is priced at $89.95 (79.95 EUR, 56.95 GBP) and is available at and soon from most major software retailers. Users of older versions are eligible to purchase an upgrade for only $69.95 (59.95 EUR, 39.95 GBP).


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