Yahoo! Partners with Microsoft and integrates search results from Bing

Yahoo! began integration testing of search results from Bing. Full integration is planned for September in the USA and Canada.

This has been the saga of the Web in recent years. The redemption Yahoo! by Microsoft has repeatedly played the rumors on the Web with a few peaks of credibility, but the discussions have always failed. Finally, it is when we no longer believed that there has been training a couple of Microsoft-Yahoo! but in a more unexpected.

In July 2009, Microsoft and Yahoo have announced a partnership lasting decade in the areas of search and advertisement Internet. Under the agreement, Microsoft will benefit from search technologies Yahoo! that will include integrated Bing. The search engine from Microsoft will in turn used on the portal Yahoo. For chapter advertising, Yahoo will become the sole authority of advertisers who purchase premium listings for both companies.

The initial effects of this agreement must be felt by the end of the year, which is well under way since tests have already started. Thus, Bing began providing search results to Yahoo, which is visible for nearly 25 % of traffic from Yahoo! Search the United States. It is expected that by the beginning of September, the search results Bing are fully furnished with Yahoo! USA and Canada, including the mobile Internet. A few weeks later, it was the turn of the sponsored research.

From a catch offered by Yahoo, it seems that this integration results Bing not distort the portal that keeps its usual appearance. Below, the results in orange boxes on the portal Yahoo! from the Microsoft platform, the rest is provided by Yahoo!.

According to the latest comScore figures for the month of June, once the integration made, the search is powered by Bing likely to capture a market share exceeding 31%, against more than 62% for Google.


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