FIFA 11 PC version will be supplied without DRM protection

Besides wanting to fully exploit the PC, FIFA 11 could be supplied with protection of the lightest available.

The producer of the PC version of FIFA 11 said during an interview with American colleagues that the game will have the protection from EA Access. This protection owner was already used in recent games such as BioWare Dragon Age Origins or Mass Effect 2, the games that have achieved commercial success.

Beyond these critical and commercial success, especially the producer wanted to avoid getting already back to PC gamers. These have been neglected for years and have not really had the opportunity to enjoy their high-end hardware fault to a PC support execrable, technological support worthy of the Playstation 2.

This year, EA seems to have taken matters in hand. Such protection requires the state the sole presence of game disc into the DVD player. No need to activate the game online or have a permanent connection to the Internet. A very good initiative that hopefully will be fully respected by the developers.


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