iMagicLab announces automobile-dealership CRM app for iPhone and iPod Touch

iMagicLab DealerCRM for iPhone makes it even easier for America’s car dealerships to stay connected and engaged with customers

iMagicLab, a technology leader in automobile retailing, today announced the submission to Apple of the world’s first automobile-dealership CRM app for use in the iPhone and iPod Touch.  DealerCRM for iPhone is the first release in an aggressive move for iMagicLab into the mobile technology space, plus the company has apps for Android, Blackberry and iPad currently nearing release.  

"Imagine for a moment that the power of your desktop computer is now in the palm of your hand," said Richard Keith Latman, Chief Executive Officer of iMagicLab.  "Using DealerCRM for iPhone, car salespeople can, for the first time, cut the cord and have their complete customer profiles, their total inventory and the award-winning DealerCRM anywhere they are. It’s never been easier to stay connected, engaged and responsive to the ever-increasing demands of today’s tech-savvy car buyer. Essentially we’ve turned the iPhone into the iCRM and the bottom line is that every user will make more money than they did the day before they installed it."

In 2004, iMagicLab was the first dealer technology company to offer mobile-enabled lite versions of their automobile-dealer CRM, and now DealerCRM for iPhone raises the bar to a whole new level.  Using the full power of the iOS 4 operating system and of Apple’s revolutionary multi-tasking engine, DealerCRM for iPhone delivers real-time leads, active alerts, tracked outbound-calling, full email-template support, enhanced duplicate-checking and much, much more.

iMagicLab expects the app to be available in iTunes and the mobile App Store the first week of August 2010.


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