Cooler Master Introduced The New NotePal U3 Notebook Cooler

Cooler Master announced their newest addition to the Notepal product line, the Notepal U3. Slim cooling pad U series now has a new solution for 17”~19” notebook, the NotePal U3. U3 inherits all the features of U2, aluminum mesh board with hair-line surface, ergonomic design, plus it is slim and lightweight for easy to carry and storage. Furthermore, the 3 removable fans with speed control function can be adjusted and focused on the 3 hottest spots of your notebook: CPU, GPU and HD. Clip design fan speed controller let you easily replace the controller to the handiest position.

NotePal U3 Product features:
1. Patent-pending adjustable fan with speed control function, powered by one USB.
2. Quick release fan, easily lock on, replace and remove.
3. Unique fan speed control clip for quick setup and replacement.
4. Aluminum mesh design for excellent heat dissipation.
5. Slim and light weight for great portability.
6. Ergonomic angle for comfortable viewing.
7. Accommodates up to 19” laptops.


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