Roxio Unvieled Retrospect 8.2 with Faster Performance And Streamlined Workflow for Mac

Roxio, a division of Sonic Solutions, today announced the availability of Roxio Retrospect 8.2 for Mac, a key update to the company’s backup and recovery software that allows small and midsize businesses to efficiently protect critical data stored on Mac, Win¬dows, and Linux servers, desktops, and notebooks. Retrospect 8.2, the first release since Roxio took over the product line in May, delivers as much as three-times faster network backup performance, adds 64-bit addressing to enable the backup of volumes containing tens of millions of files, and includes user interface enhancements that simplify workflow and management tasks.

Another major feature included in Roxio Retrospect 8.2 for Mac is the ability to restore from backups created with Retrospect 6. This feature addresses a key request from users who wanted to upgrade to the Retrospect 8 platform, but didn’t want to manage and maintain a version 6 install in order to perform restores of older archived backups.

"Retrospect 8.2, the latest addition to the Roxio product family, is a significant product update that provides users of previous versions with a very clear and straightforward upgrade path to the vastly superior architecture and performance of version 8," said Matt DiMaria, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Roxio. "With more than two decades of field-proven expertise, millions of users worldwide and a price point that’s a fraction of other solutions, Retrospect 8.2 is ideal for individuals and businesses looking to quickly and efficiently protect critical data."

First introduced in 2009, Retrospect version 8 was redesigned from the ground up with a state-of-the-art interface, a powerful core engine, and a range of new features and enhancements. Positioned between Apple’s Time Machine and enterprise-level backup applications, key capabilities of the Retrospect 8 product line include:

  • The ability to perform multiple, simultaneous backup, restore and copy operations
  • Backup-to-disk features that include support for local and network disk systems
  • True disk-based backup staging for future transfer to tape or portable media
  • Simultaneous streaming of data to multiple disk or tape storage systems
  • Advanced custom reporting and email notifications
  • Certified AES-256 encryption of backup data
  • Advanced network clients with support for multiple network interfaces and a wake-on-LAN feature to wake sleeping computers for backup

Roxio Retrospect products are a key component of Roxio’s comprehensive line of commercial applications targeting small to medium sized businesses. These solutions include Roxio Creator® Enterprise for media creation and management in the workplace, and the Roxio Secure product line, an end-user-friendly family of applications that enable organizations to enforce policy compliance and safeguard against data breach. For more information on Retrospect capabilities and pricing, or to download a free trial or update for Retrospect 8.2 for Mac, visit: For more information on other products in Roxio’s enterprise line, contact:, or call Roxio Enterprise Sales at 866-825-7694.



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