New CELL REGZA LCD TV Series Released by Toshiba with Superior 3D Capabilities

Toshiba’s Real Time 2D3D Conversion Technology.

Toshiba Corporation today unveiled the latest additions in its line-up of CELL REGZA LCD TVs integrating the Cell Broadband Engine, designed for superior multimedia processing, and the advanced CELL Platform. The three new LCD TVs, the CELL REGZA 55X2, CELL REGZA SLIM 55XE2 and 46XE2, all offer comprehensive 3D capabilities, including 3D Super Resolution Technology that upgrades 3D content to superior near high definition content, and 2D3D Conversion Technology that allows users to enjoy 2D content as high quality 3D. The CELL REGZA SLIM 55XE2 and 46XE2 will be available from the beginning of October, and the 55X2 from the end of October in the Japanese market.

As 3D TV moves into the spotlight, Toshiba has made sure that its new CELL REGZA TVs offer an unsurpassed 3D experience. 3D Super Resolution Technology, takes 3D content separately delivered to the left and right eye through the side-by-side system, the system most widely adopted for 3D broadcasts, and brings it to near high definition quality in 3D. In addition, Toshiba’s 2D3D conversion technology captures and analyzes image composition and movement in 2D content and converts it to 3D with precise rendering and natural, high definition images.

Superb 3D is complemented by state-of-the-art picture quality. The new CELL REGZA 55X2 offers viewers a dynamic contrast5 ratio of 9,000,000:1, and integrates a Mega LCD panel specially designed to interface with the CELL REGZA’s high luminance LED. This combination assures 3D images with stunningly bright whites, while the wide dynamic range achieved by backlight luminance adjustment delivers deep, detailed blacks.

CELL REGZA TVs also offer unrivaled image-enhancing capabilities that utilize the arithmetic processing capabilities of the CELL Platform. The new TVs adopt  "CELL REGZA Block Noise Clear", an HD distortion removal technology that delivers clearer HD TV program, and also supports quadrupling of the effect of ClearScan 2406, a four-times scan frame rate that improves processing of fast action content for a clear, crisp picture.

The new CELL REGZA TVs continue to offer storage capacity of a 3-terabyte (TB) hard disk drive. A 2TB hard disk drive dedicated to the CELL REGZA’s "time-shift machine 2," 8 which can simultaneously record up to eight channels of digital terrestrial broadcasts. In the earlier model, the CELL REGZA 55X1, a maximum recording time of approximately 26 hours was fixed for each channel. With the new models, recording times will change depending on the channels9 that are set-up for simultaneous recording. Also, easy operation of playback of recorded programs includes "Jump to the start" function, which allows viewers to playback a program that is still being recorded using the time-shift function.

When connected to a REGZA Blu-ray Disc recorder10, the CELL REGZA TVs can record programs directly11 to a Blu-ray disc as they are recorded to the hard disk drive using standard recording, not the time shift function.

Toshiba will continue to advance the CELL REGZA series as the cutting-edge of TV technology that draws on synergies between its semiconductor and storage device technologies. The company will continue to expand the line-up, to create and deliver new value to the market and to anticipate and respond to various user needs. For  overseas markets, LCD TVs that build on the CELL REGZA concept and that meet market demands in the U.S. and Europe will be rolled out in due course.

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