WebWorks Announces First Enterprise Level Content Conversion Tool For Apple iPad

WebWorks, a leading enterprise digital content conversion and publishing software company based in Austin, today announced the first enterprise level content conversion tool with built-in support for the Apple iPad and ePUB standard.

WebWorks’ ePublisher 2010 Mobile Plus release is the first enterprise solution to support the emerging ePUB standard to create eBooks readable on the newest generation of mobile content devices.

The ePublisher platform allows Fortune 100 companies, technical communication authors and software development teams to automatically convert and publish high volumes of content from Microsoft Word, Adobe FrameMaker and DITA-XML files to common formats such as PDF, Online Help, Wiki and eBooks.

"WebWorks created ePublisher 2010 Mobile Plus to provide enterprise companies with an easy way to convert high volumes of content and digital assets into the ePUB format, readable on mobile devices like the Apple iPad," said Tony McDow, CEO of WebWorks.  "Publishing content optimized for multiple formats is important for companies that must reach a growing number of users accustomed to accessing content on mobile devices."

ePublisher Mobile Plus enables teams to efficiently deliver high volumes of content to multiple formats while keeping original content and branding standards intact.

ePublishing is now the fastest growing sector of the content delivery market.

A recent Gartner study predicts that by 2013 more people will be accessing online information through mobile devices than through traditional desktop or laptop computers. The growing popularity and demand for mobile access has been underscored by the phenomenally successful launch of Apple’s iPad device, which according to Apple, sold more than 3 million units in the first 80 days.   

ePublisher 2010 Mobile Plus is now available. Eligible ePublisher customers with active support agreements will receive access to ePublisher Mobile Plus for no additional cost as part of the continual growth of the ePublisher product.


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