Amazon is acquiring new E-Ink display for its Kindle

Amazon unveils third generation of its Kindle e-paper reader which now embarks on a new E-Ink display with improved contrast of 50%, like the new Kindle DX announced recently.

While the Amazon group is facing issues out of stock for its Kindle e-paper reader, whose recent price decline has consistently boosted demand, the third generation of readers who just announced.

More compact and slightly lighter, it always loads a full keyboard and display e-paper 6" Monochrome with backlight offers a reading experience closer to that of a sheet of paper and a possible use in direct sunlight.

This type of screen has the advantage of consuming very little power (only when changing the display), which endows the Kindle a range of a good month without having to reload, or ten days if the wireless connectivity are enabled.

Not great news but improvements

He associated himself with the new E Ink display technology on this new Kindle DX announced in early July and provides a contrast improved by 50%, for sharper text and sharper images.

Amazon said that its reactivity was also improved, with faster loading pages 20%, while storage capacity has been doubled, to carry around with you a library of 3,500 digital works.

The new Kindle reader is available in two versions, one WiFi/3G at 189 dollars and the other only WiFi from $139, to position itself more aggressively in the market, with availability starting in August 27.

The success of Kindle also depends on its Kindle Store over 600,000 books pay associated with a fund of 1.8 million free books have fallen into the public domain, works that are accessible through reading applications available on most OS for smartphones.


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