Microsoft will announce Internet Explorer 9 public beta version from September 2010

Internet Explorer 9 with its new features will be tested in a beta version from September 2010.

Microsoft is already under way to speak publicly about the future version of its major Web browser. Everyone, but especially the developers may already have a foretaste of what Internet Explorer 9 has to offer under the hood via technical preview of its platform. Three drafts of E9 and have already been online since March, the last dating from late June.

With these preliminary versions, there has been notable progress in several areas of IE9. Better compliance with Web standards and illustrative display of a score of 83/100 in Acid3 test (20/100 in IE8), major developments in support of CSS3, of HTML5 with support tags audio (MP3 and AAC) and video (via H.264) for video playback without plugin support for Canvas rendering dynamic bitmap images of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), thehardware acceleration via Windows (Direct2D) and the GPU for graphics …

With its new engine Chakra that compiles JavaScript in the background and takes advantage of multicore processor architecture, a preliminary version of IE9 showed that more dramatic improvements compared to IE8 in the speed ofJavaScript execution. IE8 is in fact at this very behind compared to competing browsers, but the delay will IE9 amply filled.

Beta in September

These drafts have not, however, sheds light on possible new functionalities to the end user and secondarily a new user interface for IE9 has not been revealed. To do this, it will take the beta version of IE9 and through its annual meeting with financial analysts, Microsoft has indicated that the beta will be available in September 2010.

For the CEO of Microsoft, will succeed IE9 timely in IE8, the browser taxed " more secure on the market "in which he stresses is to regain market share worldwide in May and June Kevin Turner made reference to the latest figures released by Net Applications. For the case of Europe against the trend announced by AT Internet Institute tends to prove the downfall of Internet Explorer.

The Chinese site cnBeta has posted screenshots of a build of IE9 with a real user interface. Nothing he says is the future beta IE9, especially since it shows a reversal in the Acid3 test results, as the user interface, it seems almost identical to that of IE8 . Note, however, a function similar to Opera’s Speed Dial for displaying thumbnails of most visited sites, and a new download manager. A modern manager, or at least in the tone of the competition, which displays the name of the file being downloaded, the address of repatriation, the backup folder, the download time remaining, the opportunity to pause.

Remember that Internet Explorer will be 9 bound for Windows Vista and 7 but not yet still very much Windows XP.


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