Visceral Games publishes Dead Space 2 cover art

After publishing pictures and videos, Visceral Games is publishing the cover art for Dead Space 2.

This will allow fans to identify in advance the game on the shelves and also to get an idea of the armor of Isaac Clarke. Four years have passed since the first component, a long and terrible period that has plunged our hero in a depression-related marker Necromorph well as a strange artifact affecting all living nearby.

The artists have created a relatively simple jacket showing the mask into the new combination of engineer. Much more angular and sleek, the armor gives its owner a higher mobility which will prevent the player from dying stupidly. It is scalable and can grow in strength and autonomy.

It differs from the previous model, thanks mainly to its retrorockets allowing more movement in zero gravity environments. The publication of these covers definitely confirm the presence of a PC version once uncertain.


Release date is scheduled for January 25, 2010 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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