Harris Corporation Introduces BeOn Push-to-Talk Enterprise Solution

Innovative Solution Brings Land Mobile Radio
Services to 3G and 4G Wireless Networks

Corporation, an international communications and information
technology company, today introduced its BeOn solution — the first
professional push-to-talk solution designed to enable enterprises to have
managed group communications anywhere in the world using both 3G and 4G cellular

The Harris BeOn solution offers traditional land mobile radio features such
as group calling, individual calling, group scanning, distress calls, and
dispatch/administrative services, while integrating wireless services such as
user location, user presence/status, and text messaging.  With the BeOn
solution, users can communicate instantly on a host of commercial smartphones or
rugged devices with one or many people, over multiple GSM-based wireless
carriers–domestic and international.

Harris‘ BeOn solution is built on the Harris integrated VIDA (Voice, Interoperability, Data
and Access) network platform, currently deployed by public safety, public
services and large private sector entities. VIDA enables high performance
Push-To-Talk (PTT) over commercial wireless networks, as well as seamless
interoperability with legacy and future land mobile radio (LMR) systems.  The
BeOn solution is a premier global mobile communication solution that is
group-oriented, instantaneous and geared for enterprise customers covering large
footprints. Its capabilities will allow users to create centralized dispatch
services over commercial 3G or 4G wireless networks, or if needed, connect with
legacy LMR system.  

"Given our expertise in mission critical communications and the proliferation
of mobile broadband, we seized a market opportunity to create a scalable, global
push-to-talk solution delivered over wireless carrier networks, which
enterprises can deploy at a competitive price point while offering key LMR user
benefits," said Dana Mehnert, group president,
Harris RF Communications.  "Among industries with global assets, large
footprints or rural service geography – such as construction, transport or field
services, our BeOn solution satisfies the need for mobile, group-oriented
instant communication."

Enterprises could rely on the BeOn solution’s unique blend of land mobile
radio features and its powerful IP platform to organize users into talk groups
for enhanced coordination and efficiency – whether local or global. For
example, a parcel shipping company could utilize the BeOn solution to improve
its delivery management and coordination for better customer service and savings
on fuel costs, or government enterprise employees working in the field could
better serve the community through more efficient managed group communications
using the Harris BeOn solution.

Harris, a proven leader in assured
communications for defense and public safety, blended their experience in LMR
with the interoperability of its VIDA platform to develop its BeOn solution, the
innovative, global push-to-talk solution designed to improve enterprise team
coordination and increase productivity in industries where immediate
accessibility is paramount. 


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