FBI asked Wikipedia to stop using its Official Seal

Citing the law, the federal agency requested the free encyclopedia to remove the logo used on the page dedicated to it. Wikipedia says otherwise and is ready to go to court.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) sent a letter to the Wikimedia Foundation asking them to remove the agency logo that is used to illustrate articles devoted to it, Wikipedia encyclopedia on its website.

The FBI relies on U.S. law (Article 18 of the United States) which prohibits any reproduction of the seal. Mike Godwin, counsel for the Wikimedia Foundation, responded that the law invoked for the falsification of the logo to make false documents, and excludes non-commercial use that is made on the pages of the encyclopedia.

"We are ready to support our point of view before the courts", is warned by Godwin.

The question is whether the FBI will only take actions against Wikipedia or will also address other sites reproducing its seal.


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