Oracle Executive Vice President About to Outline Systems Product Strategy

Keynote at Next-Generation Data Center Event to be Webcast.

News Facts:

  • At an August 10 event at the Four Seasons in Palo Alto, John Fowler, Oracle Executive Vice President, Server and Storage Systems, plans to outline the product strategy for Oracle’s systems business. As part of his keynote, Mr. Fowler will detail upcoming plans for Oracle’s servers, storage and operating systems.
  • Following the strategy keynote, Oracle executives will present on how Oracle and Sun technology can build a more efficient, powerful data center.
  • With its full stack of business software and hardware, Oracle delivers complete, open and integrated systems that deliver record-breaking performance, reliability, security and simplified management, along with cost-saving efficiencies. 
  • The Oracle and Sun product strategy delivers innovation through integration at every level of the data center—from application to disk.
  • Register online for this webcast.
  • Join the conversation on Twitter at #oraclesun. 


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