Rave Computer Unveils Rave Ignition High-Performance Engineering Workstations

Rave Computer today unveiled Rave Ignition, a full line of high-performance engineering workstations that are available in Standard, Premium, and Elite configurations. The new systems are designed specifically for engineering professionals operating compute intensive 3D CAD/CAM/CAE applications such as designers, scientists, geophysicists, and media professionals.

The ultra quiet Rave Ignition series features the latest Intel® technologies and industry leading graphics options from NVIDIA and ATI. The systems all incorporate an 85% efficient power supply, assisting in reduced power consumption while maintaining performance. The custom thermally controlled cooling systems ensure the best possible airflow helping to preserve component life.

"Rave has designed, integrated, and supported high performance workstations for over 20 years," said Rick Darter, CEO and President, Rave Computer. "The Ignition series workstation is simply Rave putting our name on what we do best, building customized computers. We understand what’s important to engineering professionals and we’re delivering workstation solutions that offer maximum performance, flexibility, and reliability."

Rave Ignition Standard: RT-1156

Outstanding Capabilities for 3D CAD

Highly efficient on cost and power consumption, the Rave Ignition Standard is ideal for entry-level 3D CAD and engineering software. This system features Intel’s 800-series Core i7 processors delivering quad processor cores, Intel Turbo Boost and HyperThreading.

Key Features

  • Supports Intel Core i5 and Core i7 LGA1156 CPU’s with up to 8MB of cache
  • Up to 16GB Dual Channel DDR3 Memory
  • Low Cost Solution for Running Workstation-Class Applications
  • Supports Over 12TB of Storage
  • High Efficiency 80 PLUS Silver Power Supply
  • Low-Noise Cooling System
  • Supports NVIDIA Quadro, NVIDIA GeForce, ATI FirePro, and ATI Radeon Graphics cards

Rave Ignition Premium: RT-1366

Superior Performance for Maximum Results

Designed for CAD/CAM/CAE users requiring robust capabilities for processing and graphics, the Rave Ignition Premium runs 900 series Core i7 processors from Intel and supports the fastest quad and 6-core processors on the market. For graphic intense 3D modeling and simulation, multiple graphics cards can be connected together to deliver the fastest rendering times possible. The Rave Ignition Premium features the latest Intel® 4-core and 6-core processor technology and can process up to 12 threads per clock cycle.

Key Features

  • Supports Intel Core i7 and Core i7 Extreme LGA1366 CPU’s with up to 12MB of cache
  • Up to 24GB Triple Channel DDR3 with ECC support
  • USB 3.0 and SATA 6.0Gb/s Support
  • Supports up to 4 GPU’s
  • Supports Over 12TB of Storage
  • High Efficiency 80 PLUS Silver Power Supply
  • Low-Noise Cooling System
  • Supports 3-way SLI and Quad-GPU CrossFireX

Rave Ignition Elite: RT-2366

Extreme Processing Power for Demanding Applications

Ideal for simulation, analysis, and rendering, the Rave Ignition Elite is designed for users running complex multithreaded applications or who require the ability to do heavy multi-tasking without being slowed down. This system features the new Intel Xeon Processor 5600 Series, and dual server-grade processors with up to 12 cores and 24 processor threads for unmatched workstation performance.

Key Features

  • Extreme Processing Power with Dual Intel Xeon 5600 Series Processors available with up to 6 cores and 12MB of cache per processor
  • Up to 48GB Triple Channel DDR3 with ECC support
  • Supports Over 12TB of Storage
  • Built in RAID for Faster Hard Drive Performance for Increased Reliability
  • High Efficiency 80 PLUS Silver Power Supply
  • Low-Noise Cooling System
  • Supports Multiple Graphics Cards via NVIDIA SLI Technology

Custom Configured Solutions

The Rave Ignition series are pre-configured and designed to run CAD/CAM/CAE applications at optimum efficiency. Rave Ignition workstations can also be built to specific requirements, offering alternative choices for processors and options for memory, storage, and graphics.


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