Asus Debuts Windows 7 Phone

An image of a mysterious smartphone by Asus supposed to be Windows 7 Phone has appeared on the Web, from Pakistan.

Asus might be preparing at least one smartphone, Windows 7 Phone, if you believe an image appeared on the web showing a terminal displaying the home page of the future OS from Microsoft and its hub system.

No details are given on its characteristics but the picture shows a terminal with a brushed metal shell on the basis of the three buttons of Windows 7 Phone (Back, Home, and Search). The screen is touch and good size, could be AMOLED.

Model pre-series?

The words "Powered by Asus", also at its base, and number at the top may assume that this is a pre-production model, can be field-tested a few weeks now the official launch of Windows 7 Phone, which seems to have been planned for early October.

Asus has long produced good bill PDA Pocket PC and Windows Mobile smartphones and some behind. Since 2008, he partnered with Garmin to provide smartphones with a specialization in GPS capabilities, with moderate success at the moment (Garmin said to have generated 27 million dollars in sales activity in the second quarter smartphone for a turnover of over 760 million dollars…).


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