Halflife 2 Delay Not Due to Source Leak

As we first saw over at Ars Technica, Gabe Newell admitted, in a recent interview with Games-Fusion.net, that the main cause of Half-Life 2’s extensive delay is not the leaked source code.

But was the leak the main reason behind the game’s delay? “No, the fundamental reason was because we underestimated the amount of work left to do and how long it was going to take, especially when the team were so demoralised after the leak.” And what’s still left to do on the game? “Tuning, tuning and more tuning,” comes Gabe’s reply.

The write-up at Ars hits the nail on the head when it comes to the “things that make ya go hmm” with respect to this issue. Not that it wasn’t fishy in the first place, but this just raises more questions (and it makes us wonder just exactly what Valve is spending so much time tuning).

News source: anandtech.com It is very hard to believe that Valve, a company experienced in game development, could have so grossly underestimated the amount of work remaining and the time it would take to do that work. From the Shader Day even in September that got everyone buzzing, Valve would have had (at most) two months to get everything to the presses if they wanted to meet the mid November release date that they seemed to be indicating (and everyone else expected). “Incorrect estimate” is an understatement if we are talking about the difference between two months and what is currently 8 months and counting (and will likely end up being closer to a year). The “demoralization” of the source leak (discovered by Valve sometime between 9/19 when it happened and the beginning of October) seems like a weak excuse to cover such a delay. Of course, we aren’t the ones writing the game, and we don’t want to add fuel to the fire, so we’ll keep the less tasteful conspiracy theories to ourselves.


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