Firefox 4 automatically checks availability of new updates and install them

From version 4, Firefox should receive automatic updates when they are minor, without the user being asked by the traditional dialog box.

This update mechanism has not yet appeared in the latest beta version of Firefox 4. For the final version on the other hand, Firefox should automatically check the availability of new updates and install them without asking for user confirmation.

According to Alex Faaborg, chief designer at Mozilla Firefox, updates said minor will occur automatically for Firefox 4. For minor updates, it implies the maintenance updates contain security fixes including but add no new features.

Updates silent

The user should no longer have to deal with the traditional dialog box as is the case today when a notification update. Everything will be done transparently in the background. The user can still change this default behavior via options. A major difference in this mechanism similar to Google Chrome.

For Alex Faaborg, most users do not like being bothered with details of a minor upgrade, and pointing the finger at the confusion that arises with the user that no longer makes the difference with the publication of a new version (major that one) of Firefox.

According to Computerworld, which spotted the discussion about this feature of automatic update, it will be implemented only under Windows.


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