DeviantART Introduces DeviantART Muro Web-based HTML5 Drawing Tool

DeviantART introduces its latest contribution to artists around the world — a web-based HTML5 drawing tool with full-blown layer capabilities, pressure sensitivity, and multiple brushes — offered free to all members of deviantART. 

DeviantART Muro takes advantage of HTML5 to provide superior function, speed, and flexibility over any other web-based drawing application, and its launch on deviantART ensures its immediate adoption by millions of artists worldwide.  DeviantART Muro fully integrates Wacom’s pressure sensitivity plug-in.  Wacom is the world leader in drawing tablets.  DeviantART Muro is the most powerful and simplest to use web-based drawing application available and is compatible with more devices than any distant competitor.

"DeviantART Muro is pure fun for anyone," said deviantART’s co-founder and CEO, Angelo Sotira.  "But it’s also a highly sophisticated application that will meet and exceed the needs of professionals in the arts.  DeviantART Muro offers the best brushes for pressure sensitivity on the web, and because of its design, we can continually expand the tool’s features and functions in response to user comments or to new devices, almost on the fly."

The drawing tool is free to all members of deviantART, as is membership to the site. DeviantART enjoys a continuing and unbroken record of providing visual artists the most complete and active social network worldwide.

The features of deviantART Muro are:

  • Over 20 brushes, each uniquely programmed
  • Basic and Pro modes, both of which are free
  • Ability to use unlimited layers with variable opacity
  • Ability upload directly to your deviantART gallery or save to your hard drive
  • iPad support
  • Advanced keyboard shortcuts

DeviantART Muro works on more devices than Adobe tools because it takes advantage of the latest developments in HTML5 and sits natively without download in the user’s browser.  Corel, another market leader in drawing applications, offers nothing comparable in web function. 

DeviantART Muro has proven to be an overnight sensation.


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