Cisco, NetApp, Entel and VMware Teamed up for the new Data Center in Ciudad

Entel’s Data Center Ciudad de los Valles will be able to reach unprecedented scalability levels and offer flexible services with simplified integration and efficient use of energy and physical space.

Entel, one of the most important telecommunications and information technology companies in Chile, has chosen Cisco, NetApp and VMware as technology suppliers of its data center in Ciudad de los Valles, the biggest and most modern data center for on-demand services in the country.

Ciudad de los Valles is one of the first projects in Latin America to incorporate an Enhanced Security Multitenancy Design Architecture for a virtualized dynamic data center, including Cisco Nexus®, Cisco Unified Computing System® and Cisco MDStechnology solutions integrated with the FAS storage solutions of NetApp and the virtualization software of VMware.

With this formula, Entel will be able to increase agility in its business, reach unprecedented scalability levels, offer flexible services, and make efficient use of energy and physical space, all of which reduce the complexity of its data centers and the total cost of investment.

The company now has a unique and unified platform that simplifies scalability to meet demand during periods of a lot or little activity. Through the automation of manual tasks, Entel has implemented a self-service model in which users can add storage capacity without any complications. Users can also change agreements for support and recovery service levels if necessary. In parallel, this solution allows customers to safely share the same infrastructure, network or storage resources without compromising vulnerable information.


  • To provide on-demand services in Ciudad de los Valles, the Cisco Data Center 3.0 platform consolidates, virtualizes and automates the data center infrastructure, integrating computational, network, storage access and virtualization resources in one system, increasing flexibility and reducing operating costs.
  • The NetApp architecture includes the following components: NetApp Unified Storage, Data ONTAP 8, MultiStore and a Cisco MDS solution for storage connectivity. The solution from NetApp, Cisco and VMware allows a virtualized, dynamic infrastructure with enhanced security, maximizing flexibility and agility while reducing operating costs.
  • VMware vSphereTM 4, the cloud operating system, abstracts the software layer from the hardware layer through virtualization, providing added value for service level agreements (SLAs), both for applications and end users. Among the advantages of the VMware vSphere are cost reductions and maximum IT efficiency, better IT control thanks to the automation of service level agreements and the provision of enterprise services on demand.
  • Ciudad de los Valles incorporates all of Entel’s technical capacities, administration capacities and operations, allowing a wide range of IT worldwide services and solutions on demand. Ciudad de los Valles constitutes a milestone of the information and communications technology industry in the country, setting the standard for services and data center infrastructure.
  • The advanced network, storage and computing technologies of Ciudad de los Valles will allow Entel to deliver cloud computing services, acting also under the software as a service (SaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) models.


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