EVGA Unveils Classified SR-2 Power Supply

EVGA, in its pursuit to deliver only the best quality and
performance, is at it again with the EVGA Classified SR-2 Power Supply.
Delivering 1200 watts of continuous power while maintaining an 80 Plus
Silver certification is only the beginning. 6 +12v rails capable of
delivering 38A, and fine-tuning knobs allow you to adjust the +12v rail
and fanspeed to the optimal performance.

This power supply is designed around the record shattering EVGA
Classified SR-2 motherboard, but is perfectly suited to meet and exceed
the needs of any motherboard and graphics card combination!

Continuous Power means this PSU is rated in continuous power; the steady
power a PSU can output continuously, rather than the amount delivered
at its short-lived peak. Also, Advanced Hybrid Cable Management combines
traditional and modular PSU designs, and achieves low wire-transmission
loss as well as better cable management for improved airflow.
PowerCache means this PSU has a high-performance capacitor that delivers
an extra power reserve when needed. And Extreme Voltage and Fan Tuning
offers the ability to fine tune your +12v voltage and power supply
cooling fan to suite any condition, whether you are pushing to the
limits or just running silent.



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