Google made migration easier with better IMAP and PST support

Customers moving to Google Apps are migrating email, calendar and contacts data from several different legacy systems, and many are doing so from mixed sources including data stored on end user machines and company servers. With this in mind, Google is constantly trying to make it really easy, fast and painless for you to migrate data in each of these scenarios.

They launched Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange last March to help Microsoft Exchange administrators perform centrally-managed migrations from Exchange servers. In May they also announced Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook, which allows end-users to move their data from PST files and Outlook profiles. Customers are also migrating from other systems such as Novell GroupWise, hosted Exchange and sometimes even from previous Gmail accounts. Google is very happy to announce that they have extended support for these migrations going forward with the introduction of new features to Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange:

  • IMAP support – Administrators can use the tool’s new IMAP capabilities to migrate email from systems like Novell Groupwise to Google Apps, or even migrate data between Google Apps accounts.
  • PST support – Administrators can migrate PST files on behalf of users in their domain once they have aggregated users’ data files in one location.
  • Better support for hosted Exchange – Administrators can now migrate data from hosted Exchange by running the migration tool on local servers, without requiring the Exchange hosting partner to run any special software on their end.


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