NiBiTor 5.7 released with multiple nVIDIA graphics cards support

A new version of NiBiTor just been made available, providing support for multiple nVIDIA graphics cards.

Recall that NiBiTor, for Nvidia Bios Editor, is a free software running under Windows environment that allows forediting the BIOS of graphics cards built around a nVidia chip to modify parameters such as frequency or voltage processor and take advantage of a maximum of performance.

It is therefore a relatively interesting tool for amateur players of video games last power-hungry graphics. Note however that to use with caution, knowing that inappropriate settings can damage the equipment beyond repair.

With this latest version stamped 5.7, there is the question of support for GeForce 9650M, GeForce 130M GT, GeForce GTX 465, Quadro FX 380 and Quadro FX 1700.


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