McAfee predicts end of the peace for Mac users

In its latest report on the threat landscape in the second quarter of 2010, McAfee believes that the end of the peace for Mac users is so close.

It’s been a long time since the publishers of security solutions promise to Mac users of tomorrow like Windows counterparts, namely within the scope of harassment harmful. These editors are obviously concerned and it is no surprise that more and more they start marketing solutions for the Apple environment.

McAfee does not claim to still "you had rightly said," while retaining a certain restraint, issuing a new warning to that effect. If McAfee recognizes the threat that malware has so far rarely been a problem for Mac users, those happy days would come to an end.

To give credence to his words, McAfee points to detect the second quarter of 2010 from a Trojan horse remote access targeting Mac OS X and on behalf of HellRTS. Even if this malware has not actually been very active, especially noted that McAfee had the same capabilities found in Trojans destined for Windows with the possibility of putting an end to ongoing processes execution, delete files, edit the contents of the clipboard, restart the computer …

For McAfee, it is a call to order that nobody is really trying to protect. Generally, the publisher found the first six months of the year a new peak in the production of malware with the referencing of 10 million new specimens! Cyber-criminals who are very prolific.


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