Doc-To-Help 2010 v3 Help User With Practical Approach to Content Management

Doc-To-Help, the most trusted name and award-winning product in the Help
authoring tool market, today announced the release of Doc-To-Help 2010 v3. Best
known as the all-in-one authoring and publishing solution, Doc-To-Help is used
to produce desktop, Web, or print deliverables.

Its new integration with SharePoint allows Doc-To-Help users to take
advantage of SharePoint’s Document Libraries and all its related content
management features. Users can upload documents to a SharePoint Document Library
and use Doc-To-Help as an interface to edit content, check files in/out, and
ultimately publish deliverables. Alternatively, Doc-To-Help users can download
existing documents from a library. Since these documents are stored in
SharePoint, users can take advantage of SharePoint’s management features such as
version control, workflows, and even translation management.

"Content management can be a scary concept for most teams," said Dan Beall, product manager at ComponentOne. "Content
management systems come with a high price tag and implementation and maintenance
lead to big headaches. SharePoint is already installed in most networks and even
has a free version, so these obstacles are removed. To make things more
worry-free, moving from Doc-To-Help’s interface to SharePoint is very intuitive,
so there is no learning curve."

"Doc-To-Help works with all versions of SharePoint 2010 and 2007. Doc-To-Help
customers only need to install Doc-To-Help 2010 v3 and navigate to their
Document Libraries through connection wizards. There is no additional set up
required," said Beall.

Translation management is also an added benefit of the integration.
SharePoint has a special type of Document Library called a Translation Library.
This library will automatically create copies of documents for each language and
then assign translation tasks to the appropriate people. When translations are
complete, you can synchronize the localized content with your Doc-To-Help
project and then associate it to specific localized outputs.

Beall added, "This integration acts as a bridge that connects Doc-To-Help’s
powerful single sourcing technology with SharePoint’s industry standard
management tools. The combination of Doc-To-Help 2010 v3 and SharePoint is a
practical end-to-end authoring, management, and publishing tool."

This release also includes user experience improvements such as a build
progress bar and improved page break control for printed outputs.

Pricing and Availability

ComponentOne offers the full version of Doc-To-Help for $1000.00 USD per user. The company offers purchase options
online at or by telephone (800.858.2739 or
412.681.4343). Beall will be hosting onsite demos at The LavaCon Conference in
San Diego, CA September 29,
through October 2, 2010.


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