3.3 is in beta version

The free office suite, 3.3 is under test of a beta version.

The next version 3.3.0 office suite is in preparation. While the precise date of publication of the final version has not yet been determined (by the end of the year), a beta version is now available for download.

OOo 3.3 offers a lot of novelties that are exposed on this wiki. One of these innovations for a new dialog box lets you specify a password to modify. Support is offered for Word 97 and Excel 97. In the File Properties (File menu), a Security tab has appeared, it can password-protect a document ODT or ODS.

For the spreadsheet Calc, a spreadsheet can now handle up to 1,048,576 lines. The tabs for each sheet are in turn support a system of colors. In the fields, values below 0.005 are no longer displayed to 0 by default and the display automatically adjusts to the width of the column.

Other innovations involve better management backgrounds in the slides, the appearance of a toolbar search in all modules of the suite’s PDF export, which can include the fonts.

The beta version of OOo 3.3.0 can be downloaded to the platform of his choice from this page. Translation packs are available.


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