Paraben Corporation Releases iRecovery Stick iPhone Recovery Tool

Paraben Corporation, a leader in the digital forensics industry, announces the release of the first consumer tool for recovering deleted data from iPhones. The iRecovery Stick recovers user data, both active and deleted, such as deleted text (SMS) messages, deleted contacts, and deleted calendar items, from iPhones and iPhone backup files from Windows based systems. Unlike other text message recovery products which are limited to recovering data from SIM cards only, the iRecovery Stick recovers data stored directly on the phone. The iRecovery Stick is also unique in its ability to retrieve this data from iTunes backup files. Users simply load the backup files into the software and the iRecovery Stick will salvage deleted artifacts which are no longer recoverable from the phone’s internal memory. The product includes a thumb drive containing the recovery software and an iPhone data cable.

Paraben anticipates releasing support for phones running Windows Mobile and Google Android operating systems prior to the end of 2010. Support for Samsung, LG, Nokia, and Motorola phones can be expected in the first quarter of 2011. Paraben has built a solid reputation within the digital forensics industry with quality products for deleted data recovery from cell phones. The law enforcement community has utilized Paraben products for almost a decade in their digital data acquisitions. The iRecovery Stick is the first tool made available to general consumers for their personal data recovery needs.


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