ProComSol Unveils New Video Channel on YouTube

ProComSol, Ltd today announced the launch of a new video channel on YouTube.  According to Jeffrey Dobos, President of ProComSol, Ltd, "The new video channel enables us to highlight the capabilities of our products and the value our customers receive from using them. We see video not only as an important component of our marketing strategy, but also as an easy way for new customers to learn how to use our products."

The first two videos on the new video channel are a ProComSol Overview video and a DevCom2000 Demo video. The videos can also be viewed on the ProComSol web site.  Reginald Carter, President/Videographer of Cartesian Pictures, LLC directed both videos. "We strived to capture ProComSol’s technological uniqueness while conveying the flexibility, ease of use, and benefits of its products," stated Carter. "We packed a lot of information into the videos so viewers can experience the robustness of the ProComSol system."

ProComSol, Ltd was founded in 2005 and has become the leading provider of technically advanced, cost-effective communication solutions to the HART marketplace.  The president, Jeffrey Dobos, has more than a decade of experience developing products with HART technology.  The company designs and manufactures both USB and Bluetooth HART modems, and DevCom2000 communication software that can be used to convert a PC or PDA into a HART Communicator.


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