Microsoft offers beta version of Internet Explorer 9 on September 15

Microsoft will offer a beta version of its Internet Explorer 9 browser in the upcoming September 15.

Even if Internet Explorer 9 has a big shortcoming of not being supported by Windows XP, this new version in preparation for Microsoft’s browser has been hailed by some competing vendors including Mozilla. With IE9, the Redmond company is, in effect in the race for a modern Web browser by choosing to adopt multiple technologies.

It was thus possible to realize the obvious efforts of Microsoft through the publication of several drafts to show the performance of the technical platform IE9. The fourth and last of its kind to date was published last week. It displays a score of 95/100 on Acid 3 test, which is intended primarily reflects an improved support for Web standards including CSS 3. While the major browsers are better competitors, but when one remembers that IE8 displays for its part 20/100!

The full hardware acceleration of HTML5 was one of the main axes in the development of IE9. The browser takes the advantage of the GPU power to accelerate the Canvas element (rendered dynamic bitmap images). Also within the scope of this acceleration, SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), the text. What prevents a compatible Windows XP is here pointed to an acceleration which is via Direct2D and DirectWrite.

Remember also that IE9 supports audio and video tags in HTML5, which allows the user a free HD playback plugin to add. Related codecs are MP3, AAC and H.264, but not a connotation least Webm owner. A pleasant surprise is also the Chakra JavaScript engine that allows Internet Explorer to make up the long delay in execution speed.

An unknown and remains on the new user interface that has not been put forward with the drafts. To lift the veil, it will take a first beta version that Microsoft announced for September. The date has been specified on Thursday and it will be the September 15, 2010. A launch at an event in San Francisco (for developers and designers) where Microsoft will celebrate nothing less than " the beauty of the Web ".

Without that no one knows how much credit too must provide this information, the Chinese site was published in July cnBeta screenshots of a build IE9 with a user interface. These fish have left shows little change, except for a function similar to Opera’s Speed Dial (thumbnails of most visited sites), a new download manager (display file backup option to pause …).

The games are in any case open. Some predict the final appearance of a ribbon-like interface, while others have heard of something similar to Google Chrome. To see in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, Microsoft this month celebrates the fifteenth anniversary of the release of Internet Explorer 1.


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