Oracle files complaint against Google

Oracle has decided to pursue Google in court accusing infringement of intellectual property in connection with Java and Android.

In a very terse, Oracle announced that it filed in the U.S. (in California) a complaint against Google. Oracle against Google, that’s a sign of a sound judicial American blockbuster. This complaint concerns the patent infringement and intellectual property.

With the acquisition in April 2009 from Sun Microsystems for approximately $ 7.4 billion, Oracle has been falling into her lap Java, and it is a Java implementation that Google now appears to be a problem. No doubt this fight will be followed very closely by the Java community, but it may take a long time.

Oracle spokeswoman Karen Tillman said in a statement that in developing the Android mobile operating system which is partly open source, Google has knowingly, directly and repeatedly violated the intellectual property of Oracle on Java.

Statements to prove that Oracle and Sun Microsystems are clearly not the same design patent Java, but the success of Android smartphones may have whetted the appetites of some royalties. The CEO of Google has recently reported that nearly 200,000 smartphones and other devices based on Android are sold daily.

In its complaint, Oracle accuses Google of violating seven patents with Android, its software development kit and Dalvik, the virtual machine to manage the Java platform on Android devices.

A case that is just beginning …


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