Software Creator for Mac OS X SmileOnMyMac Changes Its Name to Smile

SmileOnMyMac has changed its name to Smile, the company announced today. Originally a developer of software for Mac OS X exclusively, Smile now develops software for iOS devices as well.

"We’ve developed software for the Mac for seven years. Now that we have TextExpander touch for iPhone and iPad, we’ve outgrown the SmileOnMyMac name," said Greg Scown, Smile founder.

The company website is now available at

Smile also has a new tagline, "Software that’s just right." The tagline refers to the fact that now Smile has software for three different types of devices (Mac, iPad and iPhone/iPod touch).

SmileOnMyMac was formed in 2003 by Scown and Philip Goward. The name combined their individual company names, Smile Software and On My Mac, respectively. Smile Software created PageSender, the full-featured fax software released in 2002. The first product launched by SmileOnMyMac was DiscLabel, the CD/DVD label and packaging design software, followed in 2004 by PDF editing tool PDFpen. TextExpander, the typing shortcut utility, was acquired in 2006.

TextExpander touch for the iPhone and iPod touch debuted in 2009, marking Smile’s first foray into developing software for iOS devices. Smile also provided an SDK which enables other iOS developers to offer support for TextExpander snippet expansion in their apps. Over 40 apps support TextExpander touch, including many bestselling Twitter clients, task managers, and writing apps. The latest version of TextExpander touch is a universal iOS application optimized for the iPad.



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