Digital Sandbox Releases RAC Mobile Monitor Mobile Application for iPhone/iPad

RAC Mobile Monitor Provides 24/7 Access to Customers’ Asset and Risk Data through New iPhone/iPad App

Digital Sandbox, the leader in public safety risk management, has announced the release of its RAC Mobile Monitor — a mobile version of its Risk Analysis Center (RAC) software platform that runs on Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices.  

The RAC Mobile Monitor provides users with immediate access to information about their critical assets through a one-touch interface.  Those involved with emergency and special event monitoring activities can view key information about high-risk assets while in the field or from any location.  Additional vulnerability and security data, if available, can be quickly accessed through the RAC Mobile Monitor’s direct link to the users’ RAC data repository.

In addition, the RAC Mobile Monitor leverages Digital Sandbox’s new intel threat monitoring application.  Through a sophisticated aggregation of RSS news and information feeds, the Intel Threat Monitor can identify threat information that is deemed relevant for the customer.  If any threat is identified, its location is automatically displayed on the RAC Mobile Monitor home screen.  Data on the threat event is immediately accessible through the touch screen display.

"The RAC Mobile Monitor provides an exciting view of data in our Risk Analysis Center, tailored for the mobile user," explains Michael J. Sherman, Vice President of Research and Development.  "This application, the first of our RAC Mobile Applications family, focuses on quick access to our clients’ critical asset catalog, giving them immediate data on assets that may be involved in an emergency or risk situation. Through the geolocating of all assets and possible threats with a single touch, our clients can quickly gain an operational picture of where risk is most prevalent."

The RAC Mobile Monitor also includes the ability to upload key documents for assets (floor plans, EOPs, evacuation plans) for immediate access, total GPS and mapping functionality integrated with the customer’s entire asset database, and key attribute filtering (for example, enabling instant identification of the location and name of all Priority 1 assets).

Introduced to Digital Sandbox’s client, the City of Anaheim, during the recent Major League Baseball All-Star Game, the iPad with the beta version of the RAC Mobile Monitor drew accolades from Anaheim public safety officials.   "This will change the face of law enforcement," stated one member of the Anaheim Police Department, after a seeing a demonstration of the iPad and the RAC Mobile Monitor’s functionality, which included the ability to access real-time asset and risk information relevant to the All-Star Game.

Digital Sandbox provides analytic tools and information products to government agencies and large enterprises enabling them to optimize their strategic, policy, and budgetary decisions for risk-based resource allocation. Since 1998, Digital Sandbox’s analytic risk management solutions have helped customers in the public safety, corporate, and homeland security fields lower their risk exposure, increase the impact of their risk management budgets, and maximize the effectiveness of their resources. Visit Digital Sandbox on the Web at


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