Nikon Launches D3100 digital SLR camera

Enhanced Guide Mode and the Ability to Shoot 1080p
High Definition (HD) Video with Full Time Auto Focus Allow Users to Capture with

The new Nikon D3100 digital SLR camera speaks to the
growing ranks of enthusiastic D-SLR users and aspiring photographers by
providing an easy-to-use and affordable entrance to the world of Nikon D-SLR’s.
The 14.2-megapixel D3100 has powerful features, such as the enhanced Guide Mode
that makes it easy to unleash creative potential and capture memories with still
images and full HD video. Like having a personal photo tutor at your fingertips,
this unique feature provides a simple graphical interface on the camera’s LCD
that guides users by suggesting and/or adjusting camera settings to achieve the
desired end result images. The D3100 is also the world’s first D-SLR to
introduce full time auto focus (AF) in Live View and D-Movie mode to
effortlessly achieve the critical focus needed when shooting Full HD 1080p

Packed into the compact and lightweight body of the D3100 camera is a host of
advanced Nikon technologies, such as the new EXPEED 2 image processing engine.
EXPEED 2 in conjunction with Nikon’s new 14.2-megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor
is the driving force behind the enhanced performance and rich image quality.
Ready to go wherever life leads, the D3100 features split-second shutter
response and a blazing fast 11-point AF system to help ensure tack-sharp images.
For shooting in challenging lighting conditions, ISO 3200 (expandable to 12,800)
enables versatility in environments such as indoors or in the evening hours.

"People are stepping up to digital SLR cameras – consumers are embracing the
enhanced performance, amazing image quality and options for lenses and
accessories that only a D-SLR can provide," said Lisa
, general manager of marketing at Nikon Inc. "The D3100 is a camera
that makes it easy to take beautiful pictures and will grow with the user,
unlocking their potential and assisting in creating lasting memories or amazing

Get Inspired With The Guide Mode

Whether new to D-SLR photography or exploring new shooting techniques, the
D3100 features an enhanced Guide Mode with an easy-to-use interface to help
customers build confidence in using their D-SLR through on-demand, step-by-step
assistance. A stand out feature in the D3100’s predecessor, the D3000, the Guide
Mode is easily accessed through the Mode Dial on the top of the camera. This
enhanced help function now features sample assist images that change with camera
settings to inspire consumers to achieve a desired look and feel to their
images, while guiding through easy to understand photographic techniques. For
example, to instill the majestic appearance of moving water, users can select
"show water flowing" from the Guide Mode, and simply follow the prompts to
create the ideal camera settings to capture an amazing image.

By following the guidance on the bright 3-inch LCD screen, users can achieve
professional looking photographs to be proud of. Whether looking to soften
backgrounds, freeze a moment in time or convey motion, the Guide Mode assists
users in exploring effective picture taking solutions at their own pace to make
capturing great pictures even easier and enjoyable.

Full HD Video Made Easy with D-Movie

The Nikon D3100 D-SLR allows users to capture stunning Full HD, 1080p
resolution (1920×1080) movies. Users can record cinematic quality 24p video
clips, or shoot at 24 or 30 frames-per-second at 720p, ideal for sharing online.
By incorporating versatile NIKKOR lenses to the equation, users can now create a
variety of photography effects to video such as isolating subjects with a
shallow depth of field, and recording in low light conditions. NIKKOR lenses
also deliver the sharpness needed for HD video, and Nikon’s Vibration Reduction
(VR) II technology helps to eliminate camera shake.

While Nikon pioneered HD video in a D-SLR, Nikon is now introducing another
industry first to enrich the user experience. The D3100 is the first D-SLR to
implement full time AF for D-Movie video shooting and while in Live View mode.
Using contrast based AF, the D3100 automatically focuses on subjects when Live
View is activated to aid shooting when using the LCD. The D3100 camera also uses
Face Detection technology to lock focus on up to 35 human faces, a feat not even
accomplished with consumer camcorders. To further simplify movie shooting, Live
View is activated at a single flick of a dedicated switch, and HD video
recording is achieved by a simple press of a button.

Sharing and editing video clips is also easier than ever, as the D3100
records movies in the versatile H.264 AVCHD codec (.mov file). While playing
movies back in the camera, users are able to edit recorded videos by clipping
footage from the beginning or end of a movie. High Definition movies and stills
can be shared with family and friends on an HD television via HDMI output, and
control slideshows and video using the HDMI Consumer Electronics Control (CEC)
interface that is a part of most modern remote controls from HDTV manufacturers.
Additionally, the D3100 is compatible with the new SDXC memory card format to
store large amounts of photo and video data so users can shoot multiple scenes
without interruption.

Renowned Nikon Technology

The D3100 leverages proven Nikon technologies to create the most positive
picture taking experience for consumers of any skill level. With its new
14.2-megapixel CMOS image sensor and Nikon’s new EXPEED 2™ image processing
system, the D3100 delivers exceptional image quality with low noise. The new
EXPEED 2™ image-processing engine enhances camera performance and helps to
ensure brilliant image quality while managing color, contrast, exposure, noise
and speed for optimal results. The D3100’s normal ISO range extends from ISO 100
to 3200, allowing users to capture stunning images, even in low light
environments. Additionally, the D3100’s ISO range can expand to a Hi-2 setting
of ISO 12,800, furthering the opportunities for low-light shots that other
cameras miss.

Other exclusive Nikon technologies include the Active D-Lighting system,
which automatically rescues dark or backlit images to help create flattering
images with even tones. This is especially useful when photographing subjects
that are backlit by the sun or lights to provide an even exposure.

What’s more, Nikon’s Scene Recognition system draws upon the 420-pixel RGB
color 3D Matrix Meter for outstanding exposures under a variety of lighting
conditions by integrating a database of tens of thousands of sample images. The
result is a camera intelligent enough to recognize when photographing a specific
scene such as a portrait or landscape and automatically choose the proper camera

To make taking great pictures even easier, the D3100 elevates Nikon COOLPIX
technology and incorporates an Auto Scene Selector feature in Live View. This
innovative function automatically selects the best scene mode to match shooting
conditions. When engaged, the camera will automatically recognize when shooting
a lush landscape or fast action sports and adjust the camera settings to create
an astounding image. Six preset scene modes can also be accessed with the Mode
Dial on top of the camera to overcome many common shooting challenges.

Compact Design.  Huge Performance.

With comfortable yet intelligent ergonomics, the D3100 packs powerful
technology that’s easy to use into a compact form factor. The advanced 11-point
autofocus system of the D3100 makes it easy to find and focus on a subject
through an enhanced viewfinder design with new "hollow" focus points to give a
clear view of the subject.

In the playing field or the backyard, the benefits of Nikon’s advanced 3D
Subject Tracking become clear, as the camera continuously focuses on fast moving
subjects throughout the frame, resulting in crisp, clear action shots.
Additionally, the D3100 offers split-second shutter response, eliminating the
frustration of shutter lag—the annoying delay that ruins so many pictures. With
the ability to capture images at up to three fps, users never miss a moment.

Also added to the D3100 is a Quiet Shutter Release mode, which substantially
reduces the sound of the mirror while shooting. Quickly accessed by selecting
"Q" on the release mode dial, this feature is ideal for the photographer who
wishes to remain unobtrusive, for example during quiet ceremonies or
photographing a sleeping baby.

Nikon also empowers users to prepare their photos for sharing quickly and
easily using Nikon’s extensive in-camera Retouch Menu, which easily applies a
variety of fun and dramatic effects to images without a computer. Fun and
easy-to-use adjustments include a miniature effect to photos, image overlay,
color outline and softening filters for flattering portraits and realistic skin

The D3100 also incorporates Nikon’s Integrated Dust Reduction System, which
offers a comprehensive solution that combats the accumulation of image-degrading
dust from the camera’s image sensor. The shutter is tested to 100,000 cycles for
maximum durability, ensuring years of captured memories.

Gateway to Legendary NIKKOR Optics and Accessories

Nikon has also introduced the ideal companion to the D3100, the brand new
AF-S DX NIKKOR 55-300mm VR lens, which gives users super-telephoto zoom
capability for an affordable price. This is a perfect complementary lens when
combined with the AF-S 18-55mm VR kit lens, and is great for capturing images of
sports and wildlife around town or on vacation. Photographers can also
appreciate the D3100’s system expandability, as it is compatible with more than
40 legendary NIKKOR AF-S interchangeable lenses. While the D3100 offers a
versatile built-in flash, the camera also operates with Nikon’s Creative
Lighting System and is capable of Advanced Wireless Lighting when using the
SB-900 Speedlight or the SU-800 Wireless Commander. The D3100 D-SLR’s design
also supports Eye-Fi memory card functionality, enabling the convenient wireless
transfer of images from the camera to a computer when using Eye-Fi memory cards.
Also included is a new version of Nikon’s powerful image editing application,
View NX2. The latest edition of this software allows users to organize and edit
both photos and video files easily.

Price and Availability

The D3100 D-SLR camera outfit, including the versatile AF-S NIKKOR 18-55mm
f/3.5-5.6G VR image stabilization lens, is scheduled to be available at Nikon
Authorized dealers beginning in mid September 2010,
at an estimated selling price of $699.95. The AF-S
DX NIKKOR 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR lens will be available starting in September
for $399.95.


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