Portapple LLC Releases Tennis Trakker Pro 2.1 for iPhone With Real-time Scoreboard Monitoring

Tennis Trakker Pro for the iPhone, the best-selling tennis charting application on mobile devices, announces cloud connectivity for extended analysis of player performance and real-time scoreboard monitoring.

Portapple LLC today announced the release of Tennis Trakker Pro 2.1 with cloud connectivity for graphical analysis of players’ cumulative performance, and an advanced web-based scoreboard viewer (ScoreTrakker) to monitor match play in real-time. Version 2.1 also includes better email reporting and editing enhancements. All current owners of Tennis Trakker Pro can upgrade to version 2.1 free of charge.

"ScoreTrakker is an ideal feature for parents, coaches, and friends who want to follow live scoring of matches from home or elsewhere," said Anne Dumontier, a competitive junior tennis parent. "While charting my son’s tennis match on my iPhone, I can upload the match score at any time and ScoreTrakker will update the scoreboard so that my husband can follow on his computer, iPad, or iPhone."

Using Tennis Trakker Pro has always been a great way to analyze a player’s game, one match at a time. With version 2.1, users can choose to upload their player’s matches in order to follow long-term progress. Users can now track and compare all of their player’s matches in a clear graphical format for better analysis.

Tennis Trakker Pro is the first iPhone app to record details of a tennis match on the iPhone or iPod touch. Tennis Trakker Pro not only keeps track of all the players’ shots but also provides a full statistical report that the user can consult at any time during the match. This tool is ideal for coaches, players and parents, or anyone who loves to watch tennis.


Tennis Play

  • Track point-by-point tennis play. 
  • Uses preset scoring rules. 
  • Gather and view over 25 tennis statistics. 
  • Intuitive interface. 
  • Easy editing and UNDO.

Real-Time Analysis

  • Graph 3 key tennis stats as the game is being played.
  • Detailed statistical reports for both players.

Internet Connectivity (free 15-day trial)

  • Upload games to the web for trend analysis in graphic form.
  • Monitor match progress from home using ScoreTrakker viewer.


Tennis Trakker Pro is currently available at the App Store in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.


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