Far Cry 3 is in development

Far Cry 3 is not yet officially confirmed by Ubisoft, but we just get the early signals via the magazine PC Gamer.

Having had a very strong reputation through a first episode technically very impressive, the Far Cry series has slightly decreased regime with his retinue. In fact, Far Cry 2 was certainly very permissive and proposed a very broad scope, but many defects have been embarrassing to the disadvantage of the ultimate benefit. The bad artificial intelligence and the dullness of long journeys in Africa have been fatal.  

However, Ubisoft Montreal is currently working on Far Cry 3, if we are to believe the information relayed in the latest issue of PC Gamer. The title is a priori "in full production now, and would be headed by John Mosqueira, known for his work as artistic director for Company of Heroes. To date, no further details were filtered.


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