Samsung introduces new 470 Series SSD

The South Korean manufacturer, Samsung, has a new range of SSD devices operating a multi-core controller memory and MLC flash memory engraved in 30 nanometers.

Called 470 Series, it consists of three models internal 2.5-inch with storage capacities of 64, 128 and 256GB.

It uses the SATA II connection of 3 Gb/s, data rates of 170MB/s write and 250MB/s read for 64 GB, 220 MB/s write and 250MB/s read for 128 GB version and 220 MB/s write and 250MB/s read for 256 GB version.

It also announced that a 1500G shock resistance, vibration resistance of 20G with a frequency between 10 and 2000 Hz and an operating period of at least 1.5 million hours. As for energy consumption, it peaks at 0.24 Watt and 0.14 Watt activity at rest.

For rates finally, it takes about $ 201 for the 64GB model, about $ 402 for the 128GB model and around $ 737 for the 256 GB model


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