Apple updates Leopard and Snow Leopard fixing several security vulnerabilities

Apple offers updates to its operating systems Leopard and Snow Leopard in the context of correct several security vulnerabilities.

Cupertino giant comes to online updates for its operating system Mac OS X 10.5, codenamed Leopard, and Mac OS X 10.6, codenamed Snow Leopard.

Numbered 2010-005, they fill no less than thirteen security vulnerabilities affecting Apple Type Services, CFNetwork, ClamAV, CoreGraphics, libsecurity, PHP, and Samba, with some that can be exploited by malicious people to execute malicious code and impair the proper functioning of the system.

Weighing between 80.63 and 418.92 Mb, they will be repatriated from the site of the firm at the apple or through the update module integrated.


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