Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Screenshots and Details Leaked

Internet Explorer 9 is still only available in "Preview", and should be presented to the public with an interface worthy of its name on September 15 next. Nevertheless, a first frame of the browser is leaked by Microsoft, spotted on Microsoft servers by Russian teams ZDNet USA.

Main features of this browser constantly losing market share are upto technology HTML5, CSS 3 and the establishment of an Acceleration hardware reflecting greater responsiveness.

After the loss of "right" set of office in the WIndows computer, the default IE browser, Microsoft has to make serious efforts inorder to compensate the growth of competitors like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Besides, by September 15 the new Google Chrome version 6 and Mozilla Firefox 4 will be out.

Internet Explorer 9 has innovated in this image, a messy interface very similar to Chrome:

  • It seems Microsoft merges the search box and address bar (as Omnibar Chrome)
  • The tabs are located on the right side of this unique field
  • The tabs are "detachable"
  • The webapps are honored with the possibility of transforming sites into mini-applications (something that already exists in Chrome or Mozilla with Fluid).


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