Yahoo Releases Final Desktop Search

Yahoo’s Desktop Search software has officially left its beta confines, introducing a new feature called LiveWords that allows users to instantly perform a Web search on any topic, word or phrase found in a local file or document. The program indexes over 300 file types, including e-mails and Yahoo! Messenger chats. Yahoo! Desktop Search first debuted in January and is based upon technology licensed from X1. Unlike similar search tools from rivals Google and Microsoft, Yahoo’s program is not offered as a toolbar add-on for Windows. Instead, Yahoo has chosen to offers its users a full application with tabs for different file types and an automatic preview window.


  • Immediately locate any email or attachment from Outlook or Outlook Express and Thunderbird.
  • Quickly retrieve any file on your computer, regardless of where it is located.
  • Search through your Yahoo! Messenger archives and Yahoo! Address Book contacts.
  • Search for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, text, HTML, ZIP and over 300 other file types.

Compete feature list here: Yahoo Desktop Search

Download: Yahoo Desktop Search


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