Imminent demise of ATI graphics cards

The ATI brand is doomed to disappear because it will be abandoned with future generations of graphics cards offered by AMD..

Despite the acquisition of the firm from Canada ATI by AMD Sunnyvale, California in the second half of 2006 , the brand ATI had hitherto been kept, presumably for consumers not to rush and not lose market share in favor competition.

But after several years of cohabitation between the two marks, it was decided it was time to turn the page. AMD is preparing to push further the integration of ATI burying once and for all the little that remained of the mark. Future generations of graphics cards will and his signature and it will even more and ATI Radeon graphics cards but AMD Radeon.

If this is a quite logical after the acquisition of ATI by AMD is also a great symbolic name of the computer industry is about to disappear after nearly fifteen years of existence The firm was founded in 1983 by three immigrants from China and have begun to offer its own chips in 1987.



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