VMware Unveils VMware View 4.5 – End-User Computing Strategy to Drive IT as a Service

New VMware View 4.5 Advances Secure, Managed Enterprise Desktop Virtualization Model VMware View 4.5 Shatters Datacenter Infrastructure Cost Barrier by More Than 60 Percent – Less than $300 Per User Preview of ‘Project Horizon’ Showcases New, User-centric Application and Data Delivery Architecture.

Today at VMworld 2010, VMware, Inc. the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, outlined its vision for the future of end-user computing with new products and services to help organizations evolve their legacy desktop computing environments to a more modern, user-centric application and data delivery model. The company’s strategy seeks to free users and IT from more than two decades of complex, device-centric computing and deliver a more consumer-focused cloud experience for the enterprise.

More than ever, enterprises are dealing with two fundamental client computing pain points – providing secure access to an increasingly mobile workforce, and managing the burgeoning diversity of data, applications and devices needed to run their business.  A user-centric approach to personal computing ensures secure access to applications and data from any device, where and when a user needs it.  Establishing a new end-user computing model is a fundamental component of the VMware vision for IT as a Service.

IT as a Service is the transformation of IT to a more business-centric approach, focusing on outcomes such as operational efficiency, competitiveness and rapid response.  This means IT shifts from producing IT services to optimizing production and consumption of those services in ways consistent with business requirements.  This changes the role of IT from a cost center to a center of strategic value. 

“The future of enterprise computing goes way beyond a desktop, a physical platform or a single operating system,” said Vittorio Viarengo, vice president, End user Computing Products, VMware. “Growing user demand for ubiquitous access coupled with the efficiencies of cloud computing create an opportunity for a new user-centric computing paradigm. Through the abstraction and control of user data and applications, IT can deliver what end users really need – anywhere, anytime, any-device access. VMware is uniquely positioned to help CIOs operate in this emerging heterogeneous environment, unshackling end users from independent and un-tethered to the legacy desktop model that has plagued IT for the past two decades.”

An Evolutionary Approach to End-user Computing:

In support of its end-user computing vision, VMware is launching new products that help CIOs move their organizations forward in an evolutionary journey, from today’s PC-centric environments to a future where users have access from any device to any application, enabled by cloud computing:

  • Modern Desktop Management and Delivery: At the core of VMware’s end-user computing model, VMware View 4.5 establishes a modern, user-centric desktop management and delivery architecture. Available in the coming weeks, VMware View 4.5 enables enterprises to improve security and compliance, lower operating costs, and simplify desktop administration and management for an even greater number of use cases than before.

VMware View 4.5 is the first enterprise-class solution that delivers rich user experiences across an organization on a growing number of devices at any location – online or offline. High-performance PC-over-IP technology enables users to work with their virtual desktops over a LAN or WAN connection, while VMware View with Local Mode enables secure offline access while leveraging local processing resources. The result is a seamless user experience designed to combine the best of desktop and client virtualization.

VMware View 4.5 delivers a simplified, integrated desktop and application management platform designed to enable IT organizations to manage tens of thousands of virtual desktops. VMware View 4.5 also manages applications from a centralized administrative interface while simplifying key IT processes such as provisioning, configuration management, connection brokering, policy enforcement and application assignment.

VMware View 4.5 also strengthens security and control by hosting virtual desktops centrally to prevent data leakage while leveraging VMware vShield™ Endpoint for enabling centralized anti-virus protection. VMware vShield Endpoint, in tandem with solutions from VMware ecosystem partners, will protect virtual machines and their hosts against malware, viruses and other intrusions by optimizing antivirus and other host and endpoint security for use in VMware-virtualized and cloud environments. VMware vShield Endpoint is designed to eliminate the need for antivirus agent footprints by enabling the offloading of antivirus and anti-malware functions to hardened, tamper-proof virtual machines delivered by VMware security partners.

Navigate the End-User Journey: with Assessment Services:

Helping customers navigate their journey to a new model requires a plan. VMware Professional Services offers on-site, end-to-end consulting services to help customers who are interested in beginning the journey to a more modern, user-centric application and data delivery model. For organizations looking to get started with VMware View 4.5, VMware offers three core assessment services: a Desktop Infrastructure Virtualization Assessment to identify both the users and desktops that are the best candidates to move into a virtual desktop environment; an Application Virtualization Assessment to identify which applications are the prime targets for virtualization; and a Desktop Virtualization Strategy Assessment that combines the Desktop Infrastructure Virtualization and Application Virtualization assessments with a strategic workshop to help organizations prepare and proactively manage for the successful adoption of this technology.  For more information, visit VMware Professional Services Organization.

“The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. is leveraging VMware View™ as our platform for migrating our traditional desktop users to a new, modern model,” said Mr. Satoshi Murabayashi, general manager and executive officer, System Division, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. “We’ve already achieved security, compliance and cost savings with better user experience for our initial deployment of 3,000 users. With the enhanced scalability and management capabilities in VMware View 4.5, we expect to migrate our remaining user base to a virtualized model delivering the unique combination of flexibility and agility for our users with increased manageability and control for our IT teams.”




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