Fujitsu Named as the ‘Leader’ in Desktop and Help Desk Outsourcing

Latest Magic Quadrants for Europe recognise Fujitsu in key strategic markets.

Fujitsu today announced it has been positioned by Gartner, Inc. in the “leaders” quadrant of two Magic Quadrant reports: Help Desk Outsourcing, Europe, and Desktop Outsourcing, Europe. The reports were published in July 2010 and are “evaluations based on completeness of vision and ability to execute”. Gartner defines ‘leaders’ as “[those who] are performing skillfully. They have a clear vision of the market’s direction and are developing competencies to maintain their leadership position. They shape the market, rather than follow it.”

The reports come in a year which has already proven to be a strong one for Fujitsu in these sectors. In February Fujitsu was selected by the largest UK Government Department for a c.140,000 desktop outsourcing project – the single biggest desktop and thin client outsource deal in the UK.

Desktop Outsourcing:

Fujitsu has gained a strong foothold in many European countries through the acquisition of the Siemens share of Fujitsu Siemens Computers. Fujitsu places great importance on the industrialisation of service offerings, standardising and virtualising its solutions and the continued investment in green desktop offerings such as the Zero Client.

Help Desk Outsourcing:

Fujitsu has grown its revenues in challenging conditions while expanding the share of its business in the private sector. Furthermore, Fujitsu has maintained a strong focus on lean, proactive, and standardised help desk services and exploited its global delivery for remote infrastructure services. Finally, Fujitsu has recognised the need for consolidation and standardisation of its help desk services through lean and TRIOLE for Services enabling components of help desk services which are inter-changeable and assembled to address client-specific needs.

Richard Christou, corporate senior executive VP & president global business group Fujitsu, commented “We believe Fujitsu’s placement in the leaders quadrant of these Analyst reports confirms Fujitsu is a significant player in outsourced desktop and help desk service. We consider Gartner’s assessment reflective of Fujitsu’s solid track record in delivering Desktop and Help Desk services across Europe and also our vision and strategies for these two key offerings.”

Within Europe Fujitsu is currently responsible for the management of more than 6.5 million desktop and mobile devices through its helpdesk and desktop outsourcing offerings. Fujitsu’s help desk and desktop management services incorporate “Sense and Respond®” methodology. Sense and Respond is designed to improve the end-user experience whilst addressing key expectations, such as pro-activity, automation and call reduction.

Clients benefiting from these services from Fujitsu include: Allianz, Electrolux and Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. Fujitsu’s current global capabilities include Lisbon, Johannesburg, Tallinn in Estonia, Kuala Lumpur, Lodz in Poland and Costa Rica.



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