MSI Unveils First Ever Graphic Card with Triple Overvoltage Function – N460GTX Hawk

Following the global success of the R5770 Hawk graphic card, internationally renowned graphic card and mainboard manufacturer MSI today launches the brand new N460GTX Hawk to the great expectation of global gamers to conquer the market. The world’s first graphic card with triple overvoltage function supporting core voltage, memory voltage and PLL voltage adjustments, the N460GTX Hawk is also the only model on the market that has successfully achieved 1GHz under air-cooling during overclocking. Also, the design tradition of the Hawk series continues on the GTX460 GPU, including 7+1 PWM power design, V-Check Points, APS (active phase switching), Twin Frozr II dual-fan thermal design, and military class components, to deliver unrivaled performance in thermal solution, power supply, stability, noise reduction and performance.

World’s first triple overvoltage function and the V-Check Points:
The N460GTX Hawk from MSI is the world’s first graphic card supporting triple overvoltage function. Operating with Afterburner (V2.0.0) overclocking software exclusive from MSI, users can adjust the voltage of the GPU, memory and PLL. When compared with products at the same level from other manufacturers, the N460GTX Hawk can enhance overclocking potential of the graphic card in all dimensions. More importantly, it is the world’s first GTX 460 graphic card to successfully achieve overclocking to 1GHz* under only air-cooling. Apart from triple overvoltage functions, V-Check Points allows users to measure voltage on the graphic card with just a multi-meter in order to capture various data in an overclocking session, thus making overclocking simpler.

7+1 PWM power design and APS technology:
When compared with 4+1 PWM design on the reference card which supplies power only up to 90A in graphic cards at the same level, 7+1 PWM design of the N460GTX Hawk not only supplies power up to 120A for the GPU to enhance GPU stability and performance in overclocking session, APS technology can automatically save the power consumption according to the GPU’s workload.

Exclusive Twin Frozr II dual-fan thermal design:
Built with two 8cm fans, four heat-pipes with SuperPipe technology and a large-area nickel-plated copper heat-sink, the MSI-exclusive Twin Frozr II thermal design can effectively and efficiently dissipate heat produced from the GPU. When compared with the reference cooler, the Twin Frozr II can effectively reduce the GPU temperature by 18C and fan noise by 8.1dB to deliver a cool and quiet computing environment.

Military Class Components:
In addition to All Solid CAPs which enhance the overclocking and high loading performance of GPU, the N460GTX Hawk is equipped with the SFC (Super Ferrite Choke) to enhance power efficiency by 10% and output current by 30%. Also, the Hi-c CAP with a tantalum core can enhance GPU power supply to increase the graphic card’s overall lifespan as well as the stability of GPU.



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