Acer Aspire easyStore H341

Photos, videos, music, movies, games and loads of files: the amount of digital data we store on our computers keeps increasing day after day. And it gets difficult to keep track of where everything is, let alone share files, when all your digital archives are scattered on multiple CDs, DVDs or memory cards.

This is what the new Aspire easyStore H341 will do for you: store, organize and protect your entire digital media library on the same device, where it can be enjoyed and shared by your family and friends. What’s more, with the new Aspire easyStore H341 you can stream digital media content to multiple applications or DLNA compliant devices, such as console games or TV, making it possible to share games from the server or enjoy music, photos and movies on a big screen TV.

Compact and stylish, with a matte black finish gleaming with blue lights, the Aspire easyStore H341 can house up to four hot-swappable hard disks drives for a maximum capacity of 8TB, giving you plenty of room to expand your digital libraries. And they are easy to add, too. You just have to insert the disk in the slot and follow the simple setup to boost the storage capacity. A user-friendly web interface makes it easy to share stored files across your home network.

The Aspire easyStore can automatically back-up the data of all the computers in your house, letting you decide how often and when, so you don’t have to worry about hard disk crashes or human errors. And for those all-important files like your wedding video or the pictures of your last holiday, shared folders on the Aspire easyStore H341 can be automatically duplicated to another drive, either internal or external, virtually eliminating any chance of losing your data.

Driven by the ultra-small Intel Atom Processor D410, based on low power Intel Atom micro-architecture, the Aspire easyStore provides quality performance while keeping power consumption to a minimum. And, to further reduce energy consumption, standby and resume schedules can be set by the user.

Uploading pictures, video or data files on the Aspire easyStore it’s easy, too. All you need o do is connect the device through the USB port and press the Copy button. Data is automatically sorted and stored by file type into folders of your choice.

The Aspire easyStore H341 not only keeps your data safe, but also always within easy reach. In fact, the home server can be remotely accessed through the Internet via a secure personal web address. A user friendly web interface will help you connect to your sever anytime, anywhere and upload or download files, connect to your home computer or manage the server.



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