Creative T12: 2.0 Bluetooth audio kit

Brand Creative, which specializes in audio equipment, offers a new kit 2.0.

Responding on behalf of T12, there is a set of two speakers each embedding a speaker for treble at the front and a speaker for the bass to the rear.

Powered by mains and connected wirelessly with Bluetooth 2.1 (communication within a radius of 10 meters) or wired connection through a 3.5 mm, allowing use with a computer, a television, a portable digital or mobile phone, he announced a frequency response between 20 and 20,000 Hz for a rich sound.

Its handling is done from the right speaker where the volume knob general, and an output mini-jack for connecting headphones.

Taking advantage of a last-year warranty, all audio posted on Creative T12 is 79.99 euros .



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