The Conduit 2 release date postponed to 2011

The Conduit 2, the next shooter for the Wii, sees its release postponed to next year. To justify this delay, Sega announced that the game will be compatible with the Classic Controller for Nintendo’s console.

Described as an honest representative of FPS on Wii, The Conduit was not provided an example of the genre. If the overall grip is intended to honor, the title suffers from too compartmentalized structure and its graphics not always happy. High Voltage account, however, improve its franchise with The Conduit 2.

Expected in November 2, 2010, the title has just undergone an extension. Sega has announced that in fact the shooter from High Voltage will not be marketed until the first quarter of 2011. To sweeten the pill, the publisher said the game will be compatible with the Wii Classic Controllers and Pro Classic, in addition to being ideally suited for the Wii MotionPlus.

As a reminder, The Conduit will include two no less than 28 weapons, a single player campaign, several online multiplayer modes and up to four locally.


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