Fujitsu’s New SynfiniWay V4 Unveiled In Favor Of building industrial-strength Enterprise Clouds

New version significantly enhances security, performance and management capabilities leading to assured data confidentiality and time savings.

Fujitsu today released SynfiniWay V4, its integrated software framework for virtualised distributed computing. This version expands the user capabilities with enhanced security, enhanced framework management, and a shared repository for collaboration and performance improvement. This leads to assured data confidentiality and time savings by early warnings of execution and data transfer bottlenecks and by quick responses from the framework.

Enterprises with global IT resources need these to be optimised, made highly secure, and be easily extensible and monitored. SynfiniWay enables companies to set up a solid IT infrastructure that addresses all these needs and that sets the ground for IT TCO optimisation. Simplified access to applications and recovery from hardware and network malfunction are important issues to ensure end-user productivity in the diverse IT infrastructures so commonly found today. SynfiniWay enables global and resilient access to applications-as-a-service and activity-as-a-service, which are two of the four modes of consumption of cloud computing identified by Fujitsu.

SynfiniWay V4 Features:

SynfiniWay is a middleware used in creating virtualised IT frameworks for private and trusted clouds. It provides a complete integrated set of capabilities: leading workflow technology to orchestrate services from its internal directory, a global meta-scheduler for optimal resource utilisation, and robust data movement of large-volume files. The release of SynfiniWay version 4 tackles the issues of security, monitoring and collaboration by adding significant new capabilities in these areas, while enhancing its file transfer technology. The key features in SynfiniWay V4.0 include:

  • Enhanced security control. A new access management subsystem based on roles enables fine grained authorisation on workflows, applications, services and data, allowing a distinction to be made between users in different departments, and in different companies, and assuring the confidentiality of data. Community wide unique identifiers and user group capabilities have been added.
  • Visual monitoring of framework. Servers, networks, workflows and tasks can be monitored throughout the SynfiniWay framework. Errors in file transfers and task execution within the framework can easily be identified. Bottlenecks in network speed and CPU utilisation are quickly found.
  • Shared repository for collaboration. A shared repository for workflows, applications, and profiles has been incorporated, enabling quicker access, more manageable development and sharing of these objects between teams of users located in different geographical locations. This leads to a quicker response from the framework, and the lowering of boundaries between users in different development groups.
  • Automated encryption, compression and conversion of files prior to transfer. Automated encryption and compression of files during transfer, and automated conversion of text files from Unix to Windows format have been added, leading to time savings in manual setting up.

“Companies want better ways of collaborating internally and with partners.”, states David Papiah, CEO of Fujitsu Systems Europe. “With SynfiniWay V4 organisations lower the boundaries between their own departments as well as with their suppliers and partners by creating and linking secure and manageable IT infrastructures together. By lowering these boundaries an organisation is able to achieve higher levels of integration and collaboration, thereby speeding up projects and reducing costs.”




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