Sponsor Me Presents Action Sports Social Media Site For iPad and iPhone

Sponsor Me is currently in its final beta testing of its action packed social media website. The soft-launch has been a huge success, and continues to be tested by thousands of students from prestigious colleges and high-schools across the country. Sponsor Me’s new website is the first in the world to offer full functionality on the iPad, iPhone, and soon to follow on the Droid Pad, Google Pad, Samsung Galaxy Pad, and the Toshiba Folio 100 Pad. This one of a kind website exposes and connects the young up and coming athletes with potential sponsors while contests are broadcasted live in HD over multiple platforms and screens.

Sponsor Me, the premiere action-sports social media group and athlete management company, has recently given exclusive VIP access to a select group of individuals in the world to immersive themselves in the new interactive social media website at www.SponsorMe.com while final beta testing commences. The highly anticipated public website marks the beginning of a revolutionary change in the way mobile media and the action-sports world will be viewed both now and in the future. This game changing website features a higher standard of image and video quality using patented technology available only to Sponsor Me, licensed from the Ubiquity Broadcasting Corporation. The website features a cutting edge social network platform, and a multiple signature contest series designed to give athletes a showcase for their talent, while allowing sponsors to find the likes of the next Shaun White, Kelly Slater, Tony Hawk, etc. for their brand. Contests are broadcasted live in HD across multiple screens and platforms, giving sponsors the added benefit of exposure and interactive advertising throughout the world. Using state-of-the-art coding and high definition interfacing, the website is the new place for all things social-media and action-sports combined. Momentous detail has gone into the creation of the Sponsor Me site. SponsorMe.com gives users the power to easily interface and connect with companies, sponsors, and professional athletes in the action-sports world. Sponsor Me has created an environment catered towards social mobile media and the responsible management of athletic careers, while giving ease of use to the users and fans in its multi-platform based web codec. Sponsor Me is a brand new approach to finding the most talented athletes in the world within their respective sports, and exposing them to potential sponsors by live broadcasted events on all media screens.

Sponsors and partners have been given exclusive limited access to the beta test, so they may utilize the platform Sponsor Me has created. Sponsor Me’s cutting edge website offers live HD streaming capabilities on both the web and mobile media devices, giving the end user the experience they want, when they want it, on the go. Sponsor Me’s website is a truly immersive, interactive, intuitive, and engaging experience.

Tony Perez of Surfer Magazine said, "Sponsor Me has done an excellent job producing The Surfer Poll awards for the past two years running. Naturally, we are excited to be partnered with Sponsor Me for the release of their Sponsor Me website. This is truly the next generation of action sports and social media coming to life."

Pro-Surfer and 6 time Triple-Crown champion Sunny Garcia said," This website is unlike anything I have ever seen. This will truly revolutionize the action sports world"

XXL Champion and two-time world tow-in champion Makua Rothman said, "The ease of use and functionality offered in the Sponsor Me website makes it easy for me to find the latest surf reports, pictures, and interviews."

Co-founder Chris Carmichael said, "The Sponsor Me website is going to change the way people use social media on mobile devices. Our mobile platform development allows for users to have full functionality on the iPad, Droid Pad, Google Pad, Samsung Galaxy Pad, and the Toshiba Folio 100 Pad."

"Every MMA fighter has been waiting for a site like this. Now fighters and fans alike can communicate in a unique social medium catering to action sports" said, KJ Noons, MMA fighter and champion.

Charlie Anderson of Transworld said," We completed a 6 part nationwide snowboard series with Sponsor Me last year culminating with a live HD broadcast of the final event in Big Bear CA. Sponsor Me gives athletes the chance to be discovered by the biggest names in the business. The action sports world will be forever changed with the Sponsor Me website."

With the latest in technology and innovation from Ubiquity Broadcasting Corporation, Sponsor Me’s website has positioned itself to be the first of its kind, and will revolutionize the action sports and social media world. Sponsor Me’s website will be available to the public in the coming months, urging users to "Ride the Revolution."


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