Oracle Announced the Availability of Oracle Secure Global Desktop

Latest Enhancements to Desktop Virtualization Solution Enable Application Access with Increased Security, Lower Administration Overhead.

News Facts:

  • Further enhancing its comprehensive portfolio of desktop virtualization solutions, Oracle today announced Oracle Secure Global Desktop 4.6.
  • Oracle Secure Global Desktop is an access solution that delivers server-hosted applications and desktops to nearly any client device, enabling businesses to manage applications centrally in the datacenter, resulting in higher security, decreased operational costs, and increased mobility.
  • With a highly secure architecture, Oracle Secure Global Desktop helps keep sensitive data in the datacenter behind the corporate firewall, and not on end user systems or in the vulnerable demilitarized zone (DMZ), and can only be accessed by authenticated users with appropriate privileges.
  • Oracle Secure Global Desktop enables an additional layer of security for accessing sensitive enterprise applications, beyond using a web browser alone, by providing a highly secure Java-based Web client that does not retain cookies or utilize Web page cache files that could be exploited.
  • The new release lowers administration overhead by delivering secure access to server-hosted applications and desktops from a wide variety of popular client devices. Applications and desktops that run on Windows, Oracle Solaris, Oracle Enterprise Linux, and other UNIX and Linux versions are supported, as well as mainframe and midrange applications.
  • Oracle Secure Global Desktop 4.6 is part of Oracle Virtualization, the industry’s most comprehensive desktop-to-datacenter virtualization portfolio; enabling customers to virtualize and manage their full hardware and software stack from applications to disk.

Secure, Remote Access with Improved Flexibility and Usability:

Oracle Secure Global Desktop 4.6 enhances the security and centralized management of applications in the datacenter by delivering:

  • Greater browser flexibility: The Secure Global Desktop client has the flexibility to be used with nearly any Java-enabled browser to access server-hosted browser instances where the server-hosted application requires a different browser, plug-ins, or settings. This allows application access to the broadest range of users, while minimizing the need for IT to deploy and maintain a large number of end-user browser instances outside the datacenter.
  • Enhanced availability: The Array Resilience feature automatically re-establishes connections to the server array after a primary server or network failure to provide higher levels of availability.
  • Enhanced application launch control for users: Dynamic Launch reduces administration overhead by giving end users greater control over launching applications.
  • Easier integration with third party infrastructure: Integration with third party virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) connection brokers, in addition to the existing integration with Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, provides customers with greater choice and flexibility. This makes Oracle Secure Global Desktop an ideal, secure, remote access solution for mixed VDI and traditional server-based computing environments.
  • Hot-plug local disk drives and USB drives: Dynamic Drive Mapping allows users to “hot-plug” hard disk drives and USB drives on their PCs and utilize them in Oracle Secure Global Desktop sessions.
  • Increased options for Windows sessions, including 32-bit color support: Administrators can customize how Windows applications and desktops are presented to users.
  • Configurable directory services and password management: Administrators can configure individual settings for multiple directory services, such as Oracle Internet Directory, Microsoft Active Directory and other LDAP servers.
  • High-quality connection protocol: Network connections are dynamically optimized for both high and low bandwidth scenarios, providing end-users a high-quality experience.

Supporting Quote:

" The new capabilities delivered in Oracle Secure Global Desktop 4.6 underscore our focus on making applications easier to deploy, manage and support in virtualized datacenter environments,” said Wim Coekaerts, senior vice president, Linux and Virtualization Engineering, Oracle. “Oracle Secure Global Desktop 4.6 is the latest of many new desktop virtualization products and capabilities recently announced including new releases of Oracle VM VirtualBox, Sun Ray Software and Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. This demonstrates Oracle’s continued commitment to providing a comprehensive desktop to datacenter portfolio.”



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